SP加入CARSI基本要求(Basic requirements for joining CARSI)

SP申请加入前(Before SP apply to join CARSI)

1. 服务提供会员申请条件(Service Provider application conditions)


1)SP applicants must be content providers of resources, not agents, to ensure that the resources and content of public services provided through CARSI federation comply with Chinese laws and regulations.


2)School recommendation:SP need to find 2 IdP universities as recommendation organizations.


3)Identify at least one product that serve CARSI users (SP resources or information systems that support web access, mobile apps, etc.).


4)Purchase Contract: the official procurement contract of 5 universities for each product is within the execution period and has legal effect.

2. 应用资源统一访问网址要求(SP Resource access address (URL) requirements)

        CARSI支持web方式访问资源,应用资源需提供统一的访问地址URL,作为各校CARSI用户统一的资源访问入口,放在CARSI网站SP资源列表(https://www.carsi.edu.cn/SPlist.html ),可点击访问。为每个学校提供单独访问链接的应用资源请调整成统一入口后再申请加入CARSI。

CARSI supports web access to resources, and SP resources need to provide a access address URL, which can be used as a unified entrance for CARSI users and placed on the SP resource list of CARSI website(教育网联邦认证与资源共享基础设施CARSI-服务提供商(SP) ). SP resources that provide separate access addresses for each university should be adjusted into a unified URL before joining CARSI.

3. 学校选择方式(School selection method)


SP resources accessed through the OAuth must use the CARSI Resource Portal(https://ds.carsi.edu.cn)to select the university. Other methods aren’t supported.

4. 应用资源产品形态确认(Confirming the Product modality of SP resource)


SP need to plan the Product Modality of joining CARSI products in advance, such as PC, client , and mobile terminal (App, wechat mini program, wechat public account, and mobile browser). When doing technology debugging,SP need to consider the product modality that supports CARSI access and clearly stated in the CARSI User Visit Guide.

5.CARSI可提供的用户身份信息(User Identity Information from CARSI)

        CARSI可向应用资源供以下用户信息:(CARSI provides the following user information to SP:)


1)The domain name of the user's university, such as pku.edu.cn .


2)User unique id: only represent the user, permanent valid, poor readability, not student ID, can be used for user tracing. Student ID is a very important personal privacy information, the school has a large authority, it is not recommended to use. When guiding schools to deploy IdP services, PKU CARSI team will remind to install the database locally and retain the correspondence between pairwise-id or eptid and student ID.


3)User identity: faculty, staff, student, alum, member, affiliate, employee, and other. The above values are standard values. Suggesting SP check them when authorizing users. To ensure consistency with the scope of services for which the university has signed a purchase contract. If SP intends to focus on developing customers in higher education, it is recommended to provide exclusive service content or discounts for CARSI users that are superior to market policies.


4)Other user information can be collected twice when the user logs in and accesses the application system through CARSI for the first time.